wireless networks

I warn you, i hold no responsibility if you use the in formation i am about to give you for bad purposes. Knowing this little secret does not make you a bad person just as knowing how to pick a lock does not make you a thief.

It was not until now that i stumbled upon the secrets of wireless connections. You see, wireless networks are as smart as the people who installed the . It does not matter as long as the owner of that connection does not know how to fully protect the wireless network.

I recommend using a windows 7 operating system, but you can try this on windows 8 or a  vistaImageImage and give me a feed back by contacting me through my samuelkalu@live.com email address . Connect to an authorized wireless network with the owner’s consent and i remind you, this is nothing illegal. Note the name of the connection e.g limelight just as the name of the one i connected to is.


After connecting, follow these steps one after the other;

  1. click on the start button at the bottom side of your computer.
  2. go to control panel
  3. set it to view by category just as above.
  4. go to network and sharing center.
  5. click on manage wireless connections.
  6. on the screen, you can see wireless networks that you have connected to just as mine above
  7. double click on the connection
  8. click on security, you can see in the network field, dots.
  9. click on show characters.
  10. you can see the pass word revealed


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